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These are the folks who helps keep The Mesick Museum alive

About Us

Who are we?    A non-profit group of people who are interested in preserving and sharing our local history

Our Mission?   To collect and preserve and accurate record of our past and inform the public of the history of the Mesick area.

Our History   Our group started as part of the Mesick centennial celebration in 1989-90. They recognized that there was a need to preserve the many items that were in our community. They continued the meet regularly and then able the purchased the building at 117 Mesick Ave (Down Town) to use as our museum. This building had been Sandy Mac’s Restaurant until 2002. We acquired it in 2003 and still continue to collect and preserve items that are loaned and or donated to the museum.

Judy Harris

I was born in Cadillac but my father’s family (Milton Ellsworth Henry)  lived in the Mesick area for several years.
My Grandfather worked with his team of horses in the area lumber woods and on the building of the dam .

I have been in love with history since elementary school and enjoy volunteering at the Museum.

Deborah Kohn

I grew up in Mesick and have a love of the area.
My parents, Lloyd and Grace Kohn, started collecting things with their interest in history.
Many of the things they collected are in the museum.
Both of my grandparents were business people in Mesick.
Museum was my mother’s dream as she knew there were lots of items out there to collect and tell the area’s history.
I volunteer at the museum.

Gregory Bailey

Great grandson of John & Sophia Boehle. (Bailey). They arrived in Yuma Michigan 1891. I was raised in Yuma and graduated from Mesick High School. Living all around the state, my wife Laurie and I choose to retire to downtown Mesick where I still have a health insurance business. My time is spent playing chess, selling insurance, volunteering at the museum, the Mesick United Methodist Church, the North Country National Scenic Trail and local schools teaching chess. Laurie and I also volunteer with Springville Township cemeteries. My grandparents raised twelve children in Yuma and I’ve lived in the area off and on for years so I’m pretty knowledgeable of the area and love to chat with visitors at the museum.

William F Beach(Bill)

Born in 1928, in a farm house 3 miles North of Mesick

Parents: Arthur and Ethel (born in Sherman l900) Beach, He farmed,, was local animal doctor, Township and County politics. She was a teacher in Antioch and Mesick School, and became full time homemaker.  Five children, Zola, myself, Nancy, JoAnn, & Dwight.  Raised family during depression years.  Lots of food, little money.

Grand Parents;  Frederick and Myrtle Brown, farmer and homemaker, parents of Edna Brown also; Myron and Dora Beach farmer, animal doctor, well driller, and homebody, 8 children.  Both sets of grandparents were Mesick area residents.

Married Ann Marie Gustafson in l959. Three children, MaryAnn Hassinger, Battle Creek, Alice Silvers, Cadillac, and Bill, Chicago, Ill.

Worked 34.5 years at bank, 2 1/2 years in army. 1 on Wexford  road crew, l in Grand Rapids, 2 in Battle Creek.  At one time or another have been a member of a most  organizations in Mesick, one of original museum organizers.

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